Monday, October 3, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire Release Date

Yes, the new Amazon Kindle Fire release date is coming soon, very soon!  To be exact, the official Kindle Fire launch date will occur on November 15, 2011.  However, you can pre-order Kindle fire today over at Amazon!

If you're not overly familiar with the Kindle Fire, it's the first Amazon Android Tablet.  It's considered to be in the Kindle family (as clearly given away by its name), but it's not the original Amazon Kindle eBook reader, nor is it built with the same premise in mind in terms of user experience.  It's an actual tablet PC, like the iPad .... well, sort of!

Going head to head and spec for spec, the new Amazon Kindle Fire is not going to overshadow the iPad.  However, in terms of price, the Kindle Fire will intice and intrigue many consumers.  Yes, there are iPads for sale at great prices now, since we're two generations down the road and waiting (some of us anxiously) for the next generation release, but those prices are nearly double that which you're going to be able to buy a Kindle Fire.  In fact, the Kindle Fire is coming to the market at only $199.  Check it out!

In short, if you want one of the best Android Tablets, but don't want to pay over $500 for a device that you don't necessarily have to have, the Kindle Fire is going to be very attractive.  Additionally, the Kindle Fire will allow users to take advantage of an impressive and growing suite of Amazon services - from free cloud storage, to accessing apps at the Amazon Appstore, to downloading thousands of books, to streaming movies and popular TV shows, to downloading and playing games, to document reading capabilities, and full color browsing, the price point on the Kindle Fire is worth giving this device a second look.

If you haven't seen the Amazon Kindle Fire in action yet, check out this hands on video! You'll get a good feel for the Kindle Fire specs and a nice overview of what it can do until the actual Amazon Kindle Fire release date. Then, you can actually get your hands on one to try it yourself!

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