Saturday, April 2, 2011

MetroPCS 4G LTE Network Launch in Tampa, FL

It's definitely hard to deny the value you get with MetroPCS and now, with the MetroPCS 4G LTE network launch that just happened on April 1, 2011, the network has improved for those of you who live in the Tampa, FL metropolitan area.  And, no, the announced MetroPCS 4G LTE network rollout in the Tampa region was not an April fools joke!

If you're a MetroPCS subscriber in the Tampa, FL market, you can take advantage of the new MetroPCS 4G LTE network with their Samsung Galaxy Indulge smartphone.  Service plans for this MetroPCS phone will set you back $50 - $60 a month for unlimited service (talk, text, and 4G LTE data for web browsing).  Not too shabby in consideration of what the service plans cost on the other major wireless carriers!

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge comes with a touch screen, 3.5" display.  It also has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard to make writing emails and text messages that much easier!  It runs on Google's Android 2.2 operating system so you will have access to the 100k plus Android Market apps, it comes with a 3 megapixel camera / video recorder, stereo Bluetooth, and expandable memory up to 32GB.

Samsung Galaxy Indulge on the MetroPCS 4G LTE  NetworkIf you're itching to take advantage of the new MetroPCS 4G LTE network, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Indulge online or in a local MetroPCS store for $299 after a $100 mail-in rebate.  A bit pricey for a MetroPCS phone, but, again, you'll make up the cost in your significantly cheaper MetroPCS calling plans and data package combos.

In addition to the MetroPCS 4G LTE network launch in Tampa, you can take advantage of the MetroPCS LTE 4G network in the following locations as well:
With today's launch in the Tampa metropolitan area, MetroPCS' 4GLTE services are available in all MetroPCS's metropolitan areas, including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sacramento and San Francisco. 4GLTE service is also available on the Samsung CraftTM, the world's first commercially available 4GLTE smartphone that launched in 2010. - Full MetroPCS 4G LTE Network Launch Press Release

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