Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will iPad 3 Specs Feature the Retina Display?

Latest rumors have it that the future iPad 3 specs will feature Apple's retina display and the LCD display panels will be made from three different suppliers:

"Apple has chosen LG Display (LGD), Samsung Electronics and Sharp to supply LCD panels for the iPad 3, with LGD remaining the biggest panel supplier for the US vendor's tablet PCs ..." (Source: DigiTimes)
In consideration of sales expectations and past supply issues, it's not a huge surprise that Apple is going with three vendors to develop LCD displays for the new iPad 3 retina display.  It's also no surprise that Apple would push towards ultimately implementing the retina display on their future iPads.  It's been a big hit for the iPhone 4 and should be even more so for the iPad.  Can you really go wrong by offering an HD display on any mobile device?

There's still some time to wait before we see the new iPad 3 release date, but, until then, we can enjoy this juicy leak!

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