Monday, July 18, 2011

iPhone Rumors and Speculation - A New iPhone Product Line

If you're a frequent reader who makes the rounds surfing from one tech blog to another, you're well aware of the iPhone rumors pointing towards a nearing iPhone 5 release date or perhaps an iPhone 4S release date.

To add to the iPhone rumor mill, things got much more interesting today. According to BGR sources, it looks like Apple may be making a move towards the introduction of an iPod-esque product line for the iPhone.  When you couple this rumor with BGR's previous speculative report that Sprint and T-Mobile would both be getting the iPhone in the near future, the direction of Apple's iPhone marketing strategy is becoming quite clear.

In short, it looks like they believe that they can remain competive with Google's Android smartphones by introducing iPhones that are affordable to all segments of the consumer market and available on any of the major wireless carriers.  There's no doubt in my mind (I'm certainly not going out on a limb here) that Apple will pick up additional market share in doing so.  Additional iPhone saturation into a much larger consumer pool is inevitable if these rumors morph into reality.

Prepaid iPhone 3GS
If this marketing strategy comes to fruition, speculation has it that Apple will be releasing a prepaid iPhone 3GS.  Yes, at a $350 price point, a prepaid original iPhone 3GS!  The iPhone 4 would fill the middle rung and the next generation iPhone would fill the top spot of the consumer market.

Time will tell!

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