Saturday, July 23, 2011

iPhone 5 Release Date News - Verizon Moving iPhone 4 Accessories

The latest iPhone 5 release date news, rumors, and speculation comes from a tipster who alerted Phone Arena (a tech blog) that Verizon wireless is beginning to discount iPhone 4 accessories.  If the tipster's leak is found to be credible, then that would indicate that Verizon wireless is looking to move inventory of iPhone 4 accessories (ahead of the next generation iPhone release date) to make room for the next generation iPhone accessories.

Latest Rumors Pointing Towards an iPhone 5 Release Date?

This latest iPhone rumor would also indicate that we may be looking at an iPhone 5 release date instead of the potential iPhone 4S release date we've been hearing a buzz about lately.

If you're not up to speed with the latest iPhone rumors, recent speculation has been hinting that Apple has been having issues with an overheating A5 chip (supposed next generation iPhone processor).

Next Gen iPhone Release DateConsequently, an iPhone 5 release date (bringing with it a newly redesigned iPhone) has been put off and would be replaced by an iPhone 4S release date (a minor update to the existing iPhone 4).

However, if Verizon wireless is truly discounting iPhone 4 accessories, then you'd have to believe they're making room for new iPhone accessories that would accomadate a new iPhone design.  Otherwise, similar to the iPhone 3 to iPhone 3GS upgrade, the existing iPhone 4 accessories would fit the rumored iPhone 4S and, as a result, Verizon's existing iPhone 4 accessories wouldn't need to be blown out to make room for the next gen iPhone accessories.

Next Generation iPhone Release Date Timing

Whatever surprises are in store for us when the next generation iPhone launches, most iPhone rumors are still pointing towards an early September next generation iPhone release date in the U.S. while a next generation iPhone release date would occur a month later Internationally.

Stay tuned for more iPhone rumors as they will be surely making the rounds, sooner rather than later, as the next gen iPhone release date nears.  This far along in the process, it's nearly impossible to keep the iPhone leaks from coming.

If an iPhone release date is looming, Apple has already alterted their vendors to important deadlines and vendors are most certainly actively involved (and have been actively involved) in getting the next generation iPhone and next gen iPhone accessories to market.

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