Thursday, April 7, 2011

Palm WebOS Stingray or WebOS Windsor by HP?

It should come as no surprise that HP is working on an iPhone-like smartphone and it appears like their first offering to hit the market will be the codenamed HP / Palm WebOS Stingray or WebOS Windsor.

PreCentral was graced with photos (rumored Stingray / Windsor pic above and one more below) that they believe are actual sneak peaks at HP's first WebOS iPhone-like smartphone. They're stating that they feel quite confident that the photos of the new rumored WebOS Stingray or WebOS Windsor are "legitimate", but they're less confident in the actual details regarding the real name of the soon to be HP WebOS smartphone and any details regarding product capabilities!

It wouldn't be any fun and we wouldn't have a reason to keep hopping on the web if these rumors were anything other than just that, rumors!  If you've got any additional insight into the new HP / Palm WebOS Stingray or HP / Palm WebOS Windsor, sound off in the comments.  Otherwise, enjoy the additional rumored WebOS Stingray or Windsor photo below.  Again, both photos are courtesy of the scoop brought to us from PreCentral.

WebOS Stingray Picture?

WebOS Stingray or WebOS Windsor

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