Friday, March 25, 2011

Samsung's CTIA Wireless 2011 Keynote

If you haven't had a chance to get caught up on the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab technology news that came out of the International CTIA Wireless Convention 2011 (held this past March 22-24, 2011 in Orlando, FL.), check out Samsung's CTIA Wireless 2011 Keynote address below to get a feel for their lineup of upcoming Galaxy Tab mobile tablets.

Please note that the sound quality on this one is very poor and, unfortunately, it's out of our hands to control or to make any improvements.  Sorry!

Nonetheless, you'll get to see the new Samsung Galaxy Tab devices that will be making their way to the market.  Samsung is continuing to make the case that their lineup of new Galaxy Tab mobile tablets will offer the consumer customizable choices for a great value.

As you probably noticed, one of the first questions that came out of the Samsung CTIA wireless 2011 keynote video address was in regards to the right mobile tablet computing size - What's the optimum size of a tablet?  Is it 7", 8", 9", or 10".

We know where Steve Jobs and Apple stands on this subject.  One size fits all!

Samsung obviously feels quite different.  Of course they do, they need to find their niche to earn some of the mobile tablet market share from the iPad.

Needless to say, having a wide variety of different mobile tablet options is a benefit to the consumer.  Personally, there are many instances when I'm on the road where a smaller mobile tablet (7" range) is much more attractive than the larger mobile tablets.  Yes, you sacrifice on usability due to the smaller tablet screen size, but the portability is great.  In fact, I'm finding that my day to day use of a mobile tablet is centered much more around portability than I originally suspected.

In many instances, I'm finding it much easier to simply turn to my iPhone or BlackBerry when I need immediate access to anything wireless because I can pull it out of my pocket or have it tucked away in a binder, briefcase, or any other work related case that I'm traveling with at any given time.  Unfortunately, but completely expected from the wireless mobile niche that they're filling, the limited screen capacity of today's smartphone make some wireless tasks doable, yet difficult.

If you have an iPad, outside of being limited by the use of flash, since it's so prevalent on so many websites, browsing the world wide web, watching videos, thumbing through pictures, and the likes is a joy.  However, the larger 10" mobile tablet size can be cumbersome to lug around.

Regardless of their motives, Samsung and their lineup of Galaxy Tab devices has taken this into consideration.  You may disagree with everything I've said, but it won't be any issue as Samsung and their 2011 Galaxy Tab lineup has us both covered.

Personally, I'd love a 4.3" iPhone and a 7" iPad - flash would help, too, as it's vital to some of my day to day business functions.  Yes, Steve Jobs is right, it crashes endlessly, but, unfortunately, many of us can't get around having to use it as we make the rounds on our daily wireless mobile activities!

What's your mobile tablet and mobile gadget preferences?  Do they align with my preferences or do you vehemently disagree?  Either way, sound off in the comments! 

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